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scott johnson, founder & ceo

Scott Johnson's Narrative

In May of 1987 Scott Johnson and several of his friends visited Ocean City, MD for high school senior skip day. When they arrived, they parked in a metered parking space. The meter was good for 2 hours. Because of this they had to keep feeding the meter. By that afternoon he had run out of coins to pay the meter causing him to get a parking citation. So as he and his friends were ready to leave Ocean City and head home, he decided to go to the police station to find out where to pay the parking citation. Unbeknownst to him, there was a police BOLO out with the description of 4 black males, one with a red t-shirt breaking into cars and vandalising property. Upon entry into the police station to inquire about paying the parking citation, guns were drawn immediately and the 4 young men were told to get on the ground. When the question was asked why are we going through this, the response was “you fit the description” of a BOLO we have out.

Those words still resonate to this day with Scott Johnson as he continues to see men of color constantly facing the same situation with local law enforcement. Mr. Johnson has decided to help young men of color and others change the narrative. U Fit The Description of a scientist, a doctor, an astronaut, a plumber, a truck driver, a banker, an insurance agent, a construction worker, an athlete, an entrepreneur.

“You write the narrative of the description you fit.” You have the control of your own narrative. U Fit The Description has been created and will be used as a platform to help bring about social justice and change. A portion of all sales will directly benefit our youth scholarships and mentoring programs, as well as assist in helping us to feed the less fortunate. Every dollar spent with U Fit The Description will help deliver the change you want to see!

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